Bad Day? Low Energy? … Get Outside


What do you do when it’s one of those days where nothing will go right and you’re trapped at your desk all day long?  Don’t just sit there frustrated and feeling sorry for yourself, get up and go outside.

Removing ourselves from negative environments, getting some fresh air, exposing ourselves to sunshine and physical activity all have been proven to improve our mood.  You don’t need to go to a park or somewhere scenic, just take a two minute stroll around your office building.  Take a few deep breaths and let Mother Nature make everything better.

In addition, systematizing this and building time outside into your daily schedule can have a huge impact on your overall mood and personality.  Consider parking in the last row of the parking lot and savoring those extra minutes outside as you walk to and from your car a few times each day.  Or try taking your lunch or meetings with co-workers at a picnic table outside.

Spending some time in nature is the best way to recharge your batteries and stay productive.  You’ll return to your desk refreshed and ready to take on your next challenge.