Block Time for Donor Visits (and for Scheduling Them)

Video Transcription:

Hi everyone. Chad Barger here with this week’s Productive Fundraising Weekly Journey. This week we’re talking about donor visits.

Donor visits are one of the fundraising tactics and techniques that we all know we should be doing, but they’re so hard to do on a consistent basis.  There are just so many demands on our time and donor visits take us out of the office and away from other activities.  We need dedicated time to do them and if you’re running a small shop especially it’s just so hard to find that time.

So here’s what I do … I actually block time on my calendar each and every week for donor visits.  I’ve done the math — I’ll share that with you a little later — amount of time I need each week.  So for me, that is a four hour time block.  So I typically take two two hour blocks throughout the week and I like to do it when I am least effective in the office.  That’s usually a mid-to-late afternoon time frame for me. I will block that time on my calendar as a recurring appointment where I’m busy so nothing else can be scheduled during that time.  It is a time I hold sacred for donor visits.

But that’s not good enough.  Because if you just have that time blocked and you go through the everyday hustle and bustle of your job, you’ll get to the next week (and your donor visit time block) and you’ll still be in the office because you didn’t find the time to actually schedule those donor visits.  So, they other key thing that I do is I have a time block set aside for scheduling donor visits each and every week. I have a half-hour time block where I’m simply sending emails, making phone calls, and following up on things to try to get those donor visits scheduled for the next few weeks.

That’s the key to really make this happen.  Get out of the office and have those visits that we know are so effective.  Our free resource this week is actually the formulas that I use to calculate the amount of time needed for donor visits and for scheduling donor visits. Go ahead and give that a download. Thanks for your time, thanks for your commitment to fundraising and for your service to your donors. I appreciate you and thank you for subscribing.  Take care.