Productive Fundraising works with nonprofit organizations in the areas of charitable fundraising and board development.  We focus on simple, effective fundraising systems as well as strategies to strengthen nonprofit boards of directors.

We have found that most charity workers are there because they are passionate and dedicated, not because they know the best way to fundraise or manage a board of directors.  We connect that passion with proven techniques for maximum success.  Our goal is simple … to help you fulfill your mission by working smarter, not harder.

We offer personalized coaching services designed to provide immediate results for your organization …

  • Fundraising Coaching
    Coaching clients work with us on an ongoing basis and receive the the clarity, support and resources that they need to take their fundraising and/or board to the next level.  Twenty minute phone calls are held every 2 weeks to keep you moving forward.  Phone calls are supported by unlimited email correspondence.  Having your own personal fundraising coach is not as costly as you may think.  Our coaching plans start at just $115 per month!
  • Board Development Coaching
  • Personal Productivity Coaching
    Chad Barger, principal of Productive Fundraising, is a personal productivity guru.  He has an odd fascination with reading personal productivity books and blogs.  He even listens to productivity podcasts while mowing his lawn!  And he LOVES teaching other folks how to put these techniques into practice.  He’s designed a 6 month personal productivity tune up process which typically works like this:

    • You take an initial online survey which helps him understand your work style;
    • Chad meets with you in your office (he needs to see your physical workspace) for up to 2 hours to discuss your workflow & areas of frustration;
    • Chad provides a report of recommended tools and practices that can improve your personal productivity skills;
    • You chat by phone a few weeks later (for 30 minutes) to assist with any implementation questions/problems;
    • You chat by phone 3 months later (for 30 min) to see how things are going & adjust/retool any practices;
    • You chat by phone 6 months later (for 30 min) to see how things are going & adjust/retool any practices.
    It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Chad can’t just tell you to do what he does, he has to dig in and find options that will work specifically for you.  He may need to try a couple different things until he finds what works.  But he LOVES the challenge (and hasn’t found anyone that he can’t fix yet)!

When you are ready to discuss the specific needs of your organization, the first step is to schedule a call with Chad.