Fundraising Optimization Program

Productive Fundraising’s Fundraising Optimization Program is our primary consulting offering and @fundraiserchad‘s specialty!  They allow him to access his 20 years of fundraising experience and encyclopedic knowledge of fundraising best practices (plus current research) to create customized recommendations for any nonprofit organization.

This is not simply learning what most nonprofits should do to raise more money.  These are specific recommendations to take your charity to the next level of fundraising success.  It includes in depth analysis and a one on one consultation call with Chad which allows the recommendations to be custom-tailored just for your organization.

The recommendations are organized into a prioritized Tactical Improvement Calendar, which is designed to be implemented over the the course of one year.  Each Tactical Improvement Calendar is unique but they typically address the following areas:

  • Board Engagement
  • Donor Databases / Data Integrity
  • Email Communication
  • Events
  • Grant Writing
  • Mail Appeals
  • Monthly Giving
  • Planning & Innovation
  • Relationship Building
  • Social Media Usage
  • Sponsorship
  • Stewardship
  • Volunteer Utilization
  • Website Optimization

Where applicable, templates and samples are always provided to fast track the implementation of the recommendations.

But we don’t just deliver a plan and leave the rest up to you.  Fundraising Optimization Program clients also receive one on one coaching, unlimited email support, group coaching, access to online training and other resources to ensure program success.


We’re able to help almost any nonprofit, but there a few prerequisites:

  • The organization is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization;
  • You raised between $25,000 and $750,000 in your most recently completed fiscal year (no start ups, no large nonprofits);
  • You have staff members, volunteers or a combination of the two able to devote at least 10 hours per week to fundraising activities.

How it Works

First you complete the brief interest form.  This doesn’t lock you into moving forward, but it lets us start a conversation and generate a program overview & benefits document which you can share with your board/staff/etc.  We’re happy to answer questions via email or schedule a phone call.  We understand that this is a big step for you!

After we receive the signed contract back, the optimization process begins.  We start with a comprehensive online survey.  A consultation call is then scheduled with @fundraiserchad to dig a bit deeper into your unique fundraising challenges and opportunities. 

Then, the Tactical Improvement Calendar is compiled and delivered (once your initial payment is received).  Calendars are typically delivered within 30 days of contract signing, but occasionally take a bit longer (due to consultant availability and state registration requirements).  Your first thirty minute one on one coaching call is scheduled with @fundraiserchad to review the recommendations and answer any questions.

Throughout the year you’ll have additional one on one coaching calls with Chad.  These check in calls provide the ability to troubleshoot, adjust and pivot to make sure you get value from the program.

You’ll also receive 12 months of unlimited email support (response time is typically 72 hours or less) and access to @fundraiserchad’s Client Q&A Calls which are held most weeks.  This will allow you to ask questions and receive additional advice as you’re implementing the plan. 

And in case you want to know the reasoning behind the recommendations, you’ll also receive 12 months of access to our Client Webinar Archive with 45 minute webinars covering most of the topics in your plan.

Finally, the best part … the whole process is a repeatable cycle.  Many of our clients stay with us year after year.  We’re able to repeat this process in year two, three, four … by delivering a new Targeted Improvement Calendar that builds on the success of the previous year.  Fundraising is a journey of continuous growth, it’s never done and it can always be improved upon.


We know, we know … this all sounds great, but how much does it cost?  We’re up front about that too … there are no surprises with this program. 

We actually offer two versions of the program: Standard and Lite.  Organizations with a dedicated fundraising staff member or highly committed volunteer group are better off in the Standard program.  Organizations that can only dedicate a part time staff member or limited volunteer hours to fundraising are better off in the Lite program.  We are happy to work with you to make the correct choice for your organization.


  • 12 recommendations in Tactical Improvement Calendar
  • 30 minute coaching calls every 6 weeks
  • $200 per month


  • 6 recommendations in Tactical Improvement Calendar
  • 30 minute coaching calls once per quarter
  • $125 per month

That’s it … that’s the cost to ensure that your organization has access to the most current fundraising strategy in an approachable, easily implemented, custom-tailored format … plus year round implementation assistance.

We also recognize that this is a big commitment for small organizations, so we offer the following payment plans:

  • Monthly (via automatic credit card, bank draft or paypal payment)
  • Quarterly (via automatic credit card, bank draft or paypal payment)
  • Up Front In Full – 10% Discount (via check, credit card, bank draft or paypal payment)

We’ve even had some instances where a donor covers this cost directly for an organization … talk about leveraging your donation!

Fundraising Plans

Are you thinking, “I need a full fundraising plan, not just a list of prioritized recommendations.  Will they just write a plan for us?” The answer is no.  We’ve done it in the past and we’ve found that it is always best if the organization writes its own plan.  You know your organization.  You know your capacity.  There are just too many variables involved.

So what do we recommend?  First, we recommend enrolling in the Fundraising Optimization Program so you’ll know where to focus your energy.  After your Targeted Improvement Calendar is delivered, we suggest enrolling in our three week Simplified Fundraising Plans intensive program.  This will instruct you on how to take our recommendations and combine them with what you’re already doing to create a full fledged fundraising plan.  And you’ll also learn the process to update and refine this plan each year.  This program normally costs $275, but Fundraising Optimization Plan clients receive a 50% discount should they choose to go through this program as well.

Next Steps

Ready to move forward?  Complete the interest form and we’ll go from there.  No pressure … just meeting you where you’re at to optimize your fundraising so you can take fulfill your mission even better than you are doing today!