Get Permission for the Next Step, BEFORE You Leave

The tip for this week is when you’re on a donor visit get permission for what is next, before you leave.

We spend all this time trying to get the visit arranged, traveling there, listening to what the donor or potential donor has to say to see if there are a good fit for our organization.  And then we leave and we don’t know the next step.  Then we have to start from scratch.

So, get the permission for what is next before you leave.  It could be as simple as saying “would it be okay if I followed up with some more information?” or “could we can meet again next month after you had a chance to consider?” or “is it okay if I connect you with so-and-so?”  It doesn’t really matter what it is, just get permission for some sort of next step.

Then when you reach out with that information they are far more likely to respond.  This works to build an ongoing connection and engagement and takes you one step closer to a major gift or other positive donor action.