Recommended Gear

  • @fundraiserchad Notes – Donor Thank You Notes
    Are you tired of sending your donors generic thank you notes or notes with your organization’s logo?  Would you like to be better able to express #donorlove and say what you really mean?  Check out @fundraiserchad’s line of donor thank you notes.  They are customized to our work, fun and memorable (and he insists on keeping them affordable).
  • Bath Crayons – Shower Thought Capture Tool
    Do you get great ideas in the shower?  Do you finish drying off and then think, “What was that great idea?”  Stop the insanity, keep a bath crayon in your shower and write it down on the wall right away … @fundraiserchad does this daily!
  • Evernote – Digital Filing Cabinet
    This is the tool we use that allows us to operate completely paperless.  All paper gets scanned into Evernote and then it’s available on all of our devices, anytime, anywhere.  It’s a great, affordable option with lots of unique and powerful features (including free basic accounts).
  • Moleskin – Chad’s Favorite Notebook
  • Spokeo – Address Research Tool
    What do you do when donor correspondence gets returned?  Spokeo is an affordable service that pools tons of public data in one place so you can quickly figure out where your donor is now.
  • Uniball Jetstream 1.0 – Chad’s Favorite Pen