2 Simple Rules to Boost Networking Effectiveness


There are two quick networking rules that will make business mixers and other events easier for you:

1) Hold your drink in your left hand;

2) Wear your name tag on your right side.

The reason is simple … what do you do a ton of at these events?  That’s right, you shake hands.

This alignment sets you up perfectly to do just that.  When you greet someone your right hand will be free to extend.  You won’t have to fumble around switching your drink to your other hand and trying to dry it off.  Also, when you wear your name tag on your right side it will point toward the individual that you are greeting as you extend that side of your body toward them.  This will let them see your name as well as hear it, thus reinforcing it in their memory (which is why we go to these events in the first place).  My apologies to my left handed readers, but you’ve probably already figured out that this is one area where you just have to be a righty — shaking left hands just doesn’t work.

These two simple little rules, when followed consistently, can make networking easier and more effective.