Getting Started with Nonprofit Fundraising

Are you just getting started with fundraising?  Do you need guidance on how to form a nonprofit organization, recruit your initial board members and find your first donors?  Here is some good advice to get you started …

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation

Getting started with your board…

How to Build Your First Nonprofit Board

Recruiting Your Organizations First Board

5 Steps to Building Your New Nonprofit’s First Working Board

And there’s always the question of money…

Funding Your Nonprofit Startup  

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If you’d rather get your hands on something all encompassing, then here’s the book I recommend you start with:

Nonprofit Fundraising 101 A Practical Guide With Easy to Implement Ideas & Tips from Industry Experts (Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner)

This book is a great intro to the field with commentary and insight from many of today’s top gurus.  It’s the book I use as a textbook when I’m teaching an introduction to fundraising course in a college setting.

This is another great article turned out by Get Fully Funded. It really hits home for the small, young non-profit. A great read.

After you are launched and are gaining some traction in your community, you may want to consider bringing on a fundraising and board development coach to amplify your efforts …  

Why You Need to Hire a Coach

Productive Fundraising offers coaching through our Fundraising Optimization Program.