Welcome to, a division of Productive Fundraising. is a community of library champions working to optimize and simplify fundraising
for the community-based public libraries that they serve.

This affordable monthly coaching and training program is designed to provide ongoing support to library directors, development staff and fundraising volunteers. We anticipate the program launching in Q1 of 2022. Join the Launch Waiting List today to bring this community to life sooner! members receive:

  • The Library Fundraiser Monthly Update
    • A monthly video update directly from fundraising guru Chad Barger, CFRE where we talk about what you should be focusing on that month;
    • In this approximately 20 minute update, Chad shares answers common questions, reviews best practices, comments on the current fundraising environment and highlights the templates available to immediately put his recommendations into action;
    • The update also includes a monthly checklist to ensure you are staying on top of fundraising and connecting with your donors;
    • And it’s @fundraiserchad, so you’ll have a little bit of fun in the process (we all take ourselves way too seriously);
  • An invitation to join the Library Fundraiser Private Community
    • You’ll have the opportunity to join a private community of fellow library fundraising professionals, executive directors, volunteers and librarians begrudgingly tasked with fundraising in an exclusive community focused on peer support and idea sharing;
    • In this community we focus on libraries helping libraries — we’re not in competition – it’s all about helping each other succeed;
    • @fundraiserchad also monitors this community and frequently chimes to answer questions and provide additional resources;
  • On demand access to the Library Fundraiser On Demand Training Library
    • Over 12 hours of video fundraising instruction at your fingertips;
    • Almost every area of fundraising is explored with top notch instruction designed to optimize your fundraising;
  • Access to the Library Fundraiser Template & Sample Vault
    • Optimized samples of library-specific fundraising communication pieces designed to take your fundraising to the next level (e.g. social media posts, appeal letters, newsletters, annual reports, sponsorship brochures, etc.);
    • Editable templates for the fundraising best practices reviewed in our training videos into action.
  • An invitation to join the Library Fundraiser Book Club
    • The Library Fundraiser Book Club reads four books a year on a broad range of topics, including fundraising, leadership, and nonprofit innovation;
    • This book club is designed specifically for library folks and promotes fellowship and dialogue around fundraising best practices;
    • The book club meets virtually at the conclusion of each quarter to discuss the assigned book;
    • We know that your to-do list is long, and your time is short, so please join us if you didn’t finish the book or even started it. Discussion questions will be written based on the concepts of the book, but everyone can participate;
    • The book club is hosted by a current public library development director and nonprofit professor. We always invite the author to join us (and sometimes we luck out).
  • Access to the Library Fundraiser Recommended Reading List
    • Are you looking for a vetted reader’s advisory? Then, you’re in the right place;
    • You will have access to a carefully curated list of titles that will enhance your professional practice. Titles will include nonfiction bestsellers, nonprofit classics, and new titles everyone is buzzing about. We may even throw in a fiction title, just for fun.

Sounds good, right?  But how much does it cost?  $20 per month.  That’s it … no add ons, no extra fees.  Just a simple investment of $20 per month.  Participant fees are automatically billed every 30 days to a credit card provided at time of sign up.  You may cancel at any time, no hassle / no questions asked.

Interested in joining? will launch once we have 20 participants on the Launch Waiting List.  We anticipate this exciting new community launching in late Q4 2021 or early Q1 2022.  Join the Launch Waiting List today to bring this community to life sooner!

Group pricing is available for library systems, districts and statewide associations.  Please contact Chad using the Contact Form for more information.