Productive Fundraising In Action: Monica Gould


For this edition of Productive Fundraising In Action I interviewed my friend and business associate Monica Gould.  Monica is the President and Founder of Strategic Consulting Partners.  Without further adieu, lets dig in and see how she stays productive …

What personal productivity technique has had the most impact on your career?

Filing and marking emails every day before the end of the day. I try to put emails into appropriate client or subject related folders by the end of each day making special note to mark items in which I must respond. This helps me keep on top of all the juggling balls and ensures that I respond in a timely fashion to outstanding “to dos.”

Why did you choose this specific technique over any others that you may use?

This eliminates the multiple touches of an email as I get over 300 per day and many of them require a response from me.

Summary (Chad’s Two Cents)

Monica does something that I highly recommend.  She triages her email.  When she has the time during her day, she will move emails to their appropriate place in her personal system.  She deletes the junk, moves emails to their appropriate folders and flags her necessary replies.  Notice that she does not reply to them throughout the day.  She’s not DOING email, she’s TRIAGING it.  There’s a big difference.  Doing email takes a lot of time and I recommend only doing it once per day.  Triaging email takes just a few minutes (if that) and should be done just often enough that you don’t worry about what’s lurking in your inbox.

Are you triaging your email?  Are you managing your email or is your email managing you?

You can learn more about managing your email in this manner here: How to Conquer Your Email

Monica Gould is the President and Founder of Strategic Consulting Partners.  Strategic Consulting Partners specializes in strategic planning, succession planning, organizational development, leadership, and board and staff training.

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