Productive Fundraising In Action: Robbe Healey, ACFRE


I’m honored to be kicking off my new productivity interview series with one of my fundraising idols, Robbe Healey, ACFRE. Robbe is a past chair of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and an incredible teacher and mentor.  Without further adieu, lets dig in and see how she stays productive …

What personal productivity technique has had the most impact on your career?

Focusing on what I am good at … not what I want to be good at.  Setting boundaries and knowing the limits of those boundaries … and learning at least one new thing EVERY DAY to be sure what I am good at is always increasing. Techniques come and go – knowledge is with you forever.

Why did you choose this specific technique over any others that you may use?

Success means leveraging your skills, abilities, attributes and strengths…this fosters that.

Do you have a favorite tool (analog or digital) that helps you stay productive?

Just like techniques, tools come and go. Keeping abreast of tools is daunting.  So … I feel keeping my eyes open and adapting to new tools “on the fly” in order to take advantage of the tools that fit my learning and work style makes for success.   And another thing … If a tool is too complicated to grasp intuitively, I always pass.

Summary (Chad’s Two Cents)

There you have it … productivity advice from a fundraising master.  Robbe’s focus on learning above all else has certainly served her well.  And her approach to tools, just using the ones that fit her learning and work style, is great advice.  It’s not the tool or the process that matters, its how that tool or process fits you.  Don’t try to shove a square peg into a round hole.  Thanks again to Robbe for kicking off this series with some great reminders!

Robbe Healey, ACFRE is the Founding Member of Aurora Philanthropic Consulting.  Aurora partners with progressive non-profit organizations to envision, develop and implement successful philanthropy programs. Their style is open, congenial and honest.  Aurora knows that you carefully steward-contributed funds and is pleased to provide you with a wide range of services to in a customized and efficient manner.  Regionally based in Greater Philadelphia, they work with clients throughout the US.

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