Schedule Your Tasks Based on Your Energy Level

Does every day feel like a fight to get through the day even though you like your job?  This is a common problem that I hear from coaching clients.  They like what they do, they’re passionate about the cause that they are serving, but they just can’t seem to get ahead.

Often times I find that they are using the right fundraising tactics and managing their time pretty well, but they are not aligning their work with their energy level.

Just about everyone I’ve ever met has a time of day that they are most productive.  It’s the time when they feel energized, creative and ready to tackle just about anything.  However, most people use this time to do the wrong thing.  Most people use this time to respond to email and everyone else’s needs, rather than pushing forward with their own work.  Protecting this productive time slot on your calendar and shifting your important work into it can make a huge difference in your daily productivity.

Here’s a four step process to implement this tactic:

1) Identify your most productive time of day.
2) Begin blocking time off on your schedule to use this time for tasks that involve THINKING (planning / brainstorming / writing).
3) Identify your least productive time of day.
4) Save your tasks that require the least amount of creativity and brainpower for this time slot — use it for PROCESSING (email / phone calls / expense reports / routine meetings).

After a few weeks of aligning your work with your energy level you’ll notice a huge difference in your productivity and overall fulfillment.  You’ll be serving your charity with renewed focus and energy — making a huge difference in your local community.