Productivity Coaching

Are you interested in learning more ways to improve your personal productivity? Would you like to work with a world class productivity nerd one on one to take your efficiency and effectiveness to the next level?  If so, you’re in the right spot …

In order to help busy professionals overcome to the barriers to success in work (and life), personal productivity guru Chad Barger offers personal productivity coaching.  Coaching engagements focus on addressing ONE productivity challenge.  They last 90 days and are structured as follows:

  1. A 30 minute consultation call is held with Chad to review your challenge and discuss potential strategies to address it;
  2. A 90 day action plan is delivered via email from Chad within one week of the call to set you on the right track; and
  3. At the conclusion of the 90 days a 30 minute results review call is held with Chad to review your progress, discuss next steps and potential pivots if a change in strategy is necessary.

Chad is also available to answer additional quick questions and implementation challenges via email during the 90 day window to help ensure your success.

Productivity coaching packages are offered at the rate of $265 USD (for a 90 day work term).

Additional 30 minute calls can be added at the rate of $85 each.  Productivity coaching can be purchased on an ongoing basis with a different challenge identified each quarter.

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