Should you bother with Amazon Smile? (Future Fundraising Now)

What do you think, should you?

Yes, it’s (a tiny bit of) additional revenue. But guess what else it is? Another ask. Do you really want to waste one of your precious limited asking opportunities on something that returns so little?

I’ve felt this way for a long time, but have never felt the calling to take a stand on it (maybe I’m scared of Amazon cancelling my prime account … I’d be so up the creek). Thankfully I don’t have to … fundraiser guru Jeff Brooks (one of my go to gurus) has spelled it all out for you over at Future Fundraising Now.


And what I am currently recommending for clients and other nonprofits that want to know? Register for the service, but don’t actively promote it. Then your insiders (board, staff, key volunteers, etc.) can participate if they want, but you aren’t using an ask for your general donor population.