Donor Retention Toolkit

Productive Fundraising’s Toolkits contain all of the resources mentioned in our presentations and webinars as editable templates. Each toolkit also contains five (or more) optimized, real life sample documents. The toolkits are designed to fast track your implementation of the covered fundraising tactics.

Donor Retention Toolkit Contents

  • Sample donor touch point listing
  • Donor touch point calendar (excel file)
  • Crazy speedy personal email template & call script
  • Gift acknowledgement email sample & letter template
  • Thank you call script template
  • Donor update call script template
  • Impact letter template
  • Impact postcard sample
  • 4 question post event survey template
  • Donor visit request email template
  • Donor visit checklist
  • Donor visit sample questions
  • Donor visit log sample

It takes work to put these together and keep them updated, so we don’t give them out for free. However, we don’t feel that it’s right to profit off of the hard work of other organizations. So, we offer the toolkits for a donation (of any amount). The net proceeds from toolkit sales are used to support fundraising research to help us further optimize our fundraising efforts (e.g. through the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Foundation for Philanthropy). It’s just one way that we give back to the sector and we thank you for giving us that ability!

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