We offer a variety of customized training sessions designed to get everyone on the same page and provide immediate results for our clients.  Here are our current training offerings …

Nonprofit Training

  • Fundraising Staff Training
    Customized training for your development staff on any area of nonprofit fund development (e.g. donor visits, fundraising planning, donor stewardship, databases, etc.)

  • Organization-Wide Fundraising Training
    Training for your full staff which talks about the importance of fundraising in the organization, everyone’s role as a “fundraiser,” and works to begin the development of  a culture of philanthropy

  • Board Fundraising Training
    Training for your board of directors which includes an overview of the fundraising process, the role of the board of directors in promoting philanthropy, specific ways that boards can assist with fundraising, and role playing exercises designed to take the fear out of fundraising

  • Board Governance Training
    Training for your board of directors which includes the role of the board, the board’s legal responsibilities, how the board and the executive director work together and what effective board meetings should look like

Business Training

  • How to ASK for ANYTHING in Business
    We also train for profit businesses in one thing, and one thing only: soft skills.  Here is what a recent client had to say about this training:  “Technical Professionals like engineers, accountants, or attorneys often struggle with the skills needed to build business, develop networks, and gain access to prospects and referral sources.  We spend a lot of time as professionals focusing on technical training.  But successful professionals know that these soft skills are critical to growth and development.  Productive Fundraising’s training gives a systematic approach to building and maintaining contact with your network of clients and contacts.  It’s easily integrated into your company’s development plans and gives your team the tools they need to succeed.  My colleagues that have participated are using this method to great and measurable effect.”

Next Steps

If you are ready to discuss the specific needs of your organization, the first step is to schedule a free consultation call.  If we think we can help your organization we’ll provide a proposal for your review.  If we can’t we’ll do our best to provide you with some resources or another consultant with the expertise that you need.