Amp Up Your Donation Thank You Page

You need to think about the experience that your donors have when they see your donation thank you page. These are often pretty standard: “Thank you so much for your support, we’ll mail you a gift acknowledgement in a couple days, we couldn’t do this without you …” That’s the bare minimum. Don’t just do the bare minimum.

For the next level up, some fundraisers will share a story on there. They show impact. They show how this donation will make a difference by change someone’s life. That’s a step in the right direction. Some folks will include a video in there saying thank you. Sometimes they even have the beneficiary saying thank you in that video.

But here’s something you can really do to stand out. Instead of a thank you video from a beneficiary, what about a handwritten thank you note from that beneficiary, scanned in and plopped right onto that donation thank you page? Wouldn’t that be neat? As soon as you make your donation you instantly get a thank you from one of the people that will benefit from your support.

So amp up that donation thank you page. Make it impactful. Make it unique. Whether it’s a video, a thank you note or something else, include a word from the beneficiaries. They’re not paid to say thank you, you are. So anytime you can let them speak for you, it’s so much better.