Board Fundraising Training

“My board won’t fundraise!”  It’s the most common complaint of the nonprofit executive directors that we talk to.  It’s also Chad’s favorite challenge.  It’s almost always an issue of lack of clarity, lack of knowledge and/or lack of motivation and he’s up to each of those challenges.

Our custom board fundraising training sessions are designed to take the fear out of fundraising.  Depending on the board’s level of experience and comfort, content often includes:  an overview of the fundraising process, the role of the board of directors in promoting philanthropy, specific ways that boards can assist with fundraising, how to tell the organization’s story and an accountability discussion.  The session is designed to empower board members to be more successful by taking the fear out of fundraising.

Do you have a board that could use assistance in this area?  Schedule a call with Chad so he can learn more and develop a custom training workshop just for your organization.