@fundraiserchad’s Ultimate Guide to Fundraising Databases

So, you think your organization is ready for its first fundraising database/CRM?  Or maybe you hate your current one and you’re thinking about making a change.  Where do you even begin?

How to Select the Best Fundraising Database

The key is not to select THE BEST fundraising database.  Chances are you don’t need the one with every single bell and whistle.  You need the one that is right for your organization and your staff.  You have budget constraints, staff skills, time constraints and conversion issues to take into consideration.

My top recommendation is the take a step back and figure out what you actually want and need before you start looking at specific products.  There are a ton out there and it quickly gets overwhelming.  Knowing your requirements before you start will allow you to quickly eliminate options and move others to the top of the list.

Here are a few other articles and resources to help you with this process:

Current Fundraising Database / CRM Options

Okay, okay, I made you wait long enough.  Here are all the fundraising databases that I’m currently aware of that are being offered by credible and ethical companies.  Many of these companies also share anonymous data for research purposes and do their part to increase the body of research in the field.  A win for everyone!  I’ve included a quick demo/spotlight video if I could find one for each product.

Do you know of a product that’s not on the list?  Did you find a bad link on this page?  If so, please let me know.  I unfortunately don’t have the time to check these links every month, but together we can make this the best list available!  Happy shopping …

Abila Millennium


Arreva Exceed Beyond

(formerly Telosa Software)

Blackbaud eTapestry