Fundraising Coaching For Museums

Is your museum looking for fundraising support? Collaborate with us through museum coaching services, where clients work directly with Chad on an ongoing basis to gain the clarity, support, and resources needed to elevate their operations. Chad primarily coaches small to midsize nonprofits in the US and Canada, specializing in museums and historical societies. His expertise has proven successful in coaching several museums to achieve fundraising goals.

The following fundraising coaching products are currently available for museums:

  • Executive Fundraising Coaching
    Ongoing monthly coaching support for museum fundraisers and executive directors to improve fundraising effectiveness, management and board engagement  (click here to see current program structure & pricing)
  • Fundraising Onboarding Coaching
    A focused six month coaching and training program for new hires or recently promoted staff that are new to a fundraising role
  • Personal Productivity Coaching
    One on one sessions with productivity nerd Chad to review and optimize your personal productivity system and practices

Museum Fundraising Coaching Testimonials

We’re pretty proud of our coaching services and believe they can have a big impact at most museums, but don’t just take our word for it …

  • Chad was a valuable asset to our team during the entire museum planning and fundraising process. We spoke often and his counsel improved our strategy and communications with prospective donors. I would recommend him to any team that is contemplating a museum-related capital campaign. Chad is the best!” – Andrew Dalton, Executive Director, Adams County Historical Society (Gettysburg, PA)
  • “Because Chad Barger knows the non-profit world, he has become a specialist in the world of museum marketing, big and small. He is well-connected, personable, and available. Chad provides the MOST up-to-date information about fundraising trends to his clients, which saves us time and guesswork.” – Amy Stephens, Edmond History Museum (Edmond, OK)

Is your museum Interested in fundraising coaching?  Want to learn more?  Ready for a custom proposal?  Schedule a call with Chad today!

A Sampling of Past / Current Museum Fundraising Clients