Getting Started with Nonprofit Fundraising

Are you just getting started with fundraising?  Do you need guidance on how to form a nonprofit organization, recruit your initial board members and find your first donors?  Here is some good advice to get you started …

How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation

Getting started with your board…

How to Build Your First Nonprofit Board

Recruiting Your Organizations First Board

5 Steps to Building Your New Nonprofit’s First Working Board

And there’s always the question of money…

Funding Your Nonprofit Startup

If you’d rather get your hands on something all-encompassing, then here’s the book I recommend you start with:

Nonprofit Fundraising 101 A Practical Guide With Easy to Implement Ideas & Tips from Industry Experts (Darian Rodriguez Heyman & Laila Brenner)

This book is a great intro to the field with commentary and insight from many of today’s top gurus.  It’s the book I use as a textbook when I’m teaching an introduction to fundraising course in a college setting. This includes the Online Fundraising Certificate Program that I teach through Temple University.

This is another great article turned out by Get Fully Funded. It really hits home for the small, young non-profit. A great read.

Get Fully Funded also has a great article on tools for small nonprofits to be more productive.

Here’s a great read for help planning special events.

Here’s a guide on the Ins and Outs of Facebook Fundraising to help you boost online donations and form lifelong relationships with a new generation of donors.

If you’re looking for help with your nonprofit’s branding, check out this article from Anthmn Branding.

When you’re just getting started, it’s typically too soon to work directly with a consultant/coach. You need to find out what works for your organization and build some relationships before that makes sense. However, the following two education-based offerings from Productive Fundraising make A LOT of sense at this stage: