Hold these 4 Fundraising Truths to Be Self Evident (Claire Axelrad / Bloomerang)

I think it’s time for a little bit of a reality check.

Yes, we’re in unprecedented times and lots of things are rapidly changing, but one thing hasn’t changed: the “pre-conditions which must be met before you’ll be able to successfully exercise your fundraising strategies.”

Whether these are new strategies (virtual galas, increased online solicitation, etc.) or the tried and true strategies that we’ve been using for decades (donor visits, direct mail, etc.), you’ll never be as effective as possible if you don’t have four key things in place:

  1. You need the right donor prospects.
  2. You need to inspire people.
  3. You need a written communications plan.
  4. You need a written fundraising plan.

Sounds easy right? But does your organization have all of these in place? If you do, when is the last time they were updated/revisited (HINT: if your answer is “January,” it’s time to revisit them).

In the article below, fundraising guru Claire Axelrad provides the details behind these four elements and tips for creating or refining them in your organization. It’s well worth the read!