What to do When Leaving a Fundraising Job: Leave a Pick Up the Pieces Document

When leaving a fundraising job and moving from one organization to serve a new mission, it’s very tempting to just coast the final two weeks. There’s usually multiple reasons that you’re leaving and finding the motivation to do more than that absolute minimum is not easy. However, I always recommend doing at least one extra piece of work by leaving a “pick up the pieces” document when leaving a fundraising job.

This is a word doc of a few pages in length (printed and left on your desk with the location it’s saved on the network right at the top) with some of these applicable sections:

  • Upcoming priorities (here’s what needs to get done in the next 90 days)
  • Work in progress (what you’ve started, but isn’t finished, and where it’s saved)
  • Passwords (probably not printed, but where to go to find them)
  • Your contact info (if you’re open to questions)

Even if your boss doesn’t appreciate it, I’ve seen a few folks walk into a new job, find one of these and instantly hold their predecessor in high regard (and tell EVERYONE in the local community). That’s well worth the half of a day it will take you to put it together.