Productive Fundraising Month by Month

Chances are you stumbled across Productive Fundraising through one of our many free resources. But sometimes a bunch of free resources isn’t quite enough. Do you need a bit more help? Do you want to know WHEN and HOW to put these fundraising resources into action?  You don’t need to hire a consultant for that … you need Productive Fundraising: Month by Month

This new, affordable offering from @fundraiserchad will launch in Q1 of 2020 with actionable monthly guidance (including templates, checklists and samples) for just what you need to do each month.  It will also feature a live monthly Q&A session with Chad to answer your unique questions.  Intrigued?  SIGN UP for the notification list to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

Fundraising Optimization Program

Productive Fundraising’s Fundraising Optimization Program is our primary consulting offering and @fundraiserchad‘s specialty!  They program allows him to access his 20 years of fundraising experience and encyclopedic knowledge of fundraising best practices (plus current research) to create customized recommendations for almost any nonprofit organization.

This is not simply learning what most nonprofits should do to raise more money.  These are specific recommendations to take your charity to the next level of fundraising success.  It includes in depth analysis and a one on one consultation call with Chad which allows the recommendations to be custom-tailored just for your organization.

The recommendations are organized into a prioritized Tactical Improvement Plan, which is designed to be implemented over the the course of one year. 

But we don’t just deliver a plan and leave the rest up to you.  Fundraising Optimization Program clients also receive one on one coaching, unlimited email support, and accesds to online training to ensure program success.

Intrigued?  Complete this eligibility form to see if your organization is a good fit for this program.  If so we’ll follow up with more details and schedule a time for you to chat with Chad.


online intensives

Capital Campaign Support Services

In our experience, the best capital campaign results coming from the pairing of 1) a project that the community wants and sees a vital need for; 2) a passionate group of community leaders that will propel the campaign forward; and 3) an experienced fundraising counsel that can provide ongoing guidance and insight from day one.  The combination of the right project, the right leaders and the right counsel has worked over and over again since before fundraising was even called fundraising (Ben Franklin used the same formula).

Because of this, we prefer to be there by your side from day one.  Consulting engagements typically begin a full year before the campaign is publicly launched.  At this point the project is usually fairly well hashed out, plans/schematics are in development and a rough project cost (campaign goal) is known. 

But Chad does not believe in the traditional model of a formal outsourced feasibility study.  He doesn’t want you to spend $10,000+ on a 30+ page document that will just sit on a bookshelf.  And he really doesn’t want you to outsource the opportunity to have a conversation with your donors.  Rather, we prefer to coach you in the process of assessing your organization’s readiness for a campaign both internally and externally.  This way you deepen your relationship with your donors through the process and build the skills of your fundraising team. 

After campaign readiness is assessed, Chad and his network of experts will help you refine your messaging, structure the campaign, train your volunteers for success and launch the campaign.  We then provide ongoing coaching support for the duration of the campaign as your trusted resource, and were not afraid to prod a bit if momentum starts to wane.  We’ve seen what works and I know how to make sure your campaign is successful.

Interested?  Complete our campaign information form and we’ll send more information (including our phased approach and pricing) and setup a time for you to chat with Chad.




Board Fundraising Training

“My board won’t fundraise!”  It’s the most common complaint of the nonprofit executive directors that we talk to.  It’s also Chad’s favorite challenge.  It’s almost always an issue of lack of clarity, lack of knowledge and/or lack of motivation and he’s up to each of those challenges.

Our custom board fundraising training sessions are designed to take the fear out of fundraising.  Depending on the board’s level of experience and comfort, content often includes:  an overview of the fundraising process, the role of the board of directors in promoting philanthropy, specific ways that boards can assist with fundraising, how to tell the organization’s story and role playing exercises designed to take the fear out of fundraising.

Do you have a board that could use assistance in this area?  Schedule a call with Chad so he can learn more and develop a custom training workshop just for your organization.




Conference Keynotes & Workshops

Chad Barger, chief strategist and owner of Productive Fundraising, is a well respected fundraising conference presenter.  As a master trainer with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, he has honed his craft and delivers actionable fundraising tactics in a high energy and entertaining way in EVERY presentation.

For more information on Chad’s keynote and workshop topics, testimonials, fees and availability, checking out his SPEAKING page.



Wishboard Design & Printing

Would like to raise $5,050 more at your organization’s next event?  Then try a wishboard at your next event and raise more money with less effort.

A wishboard is a stand alone donation board. It consists of 100 spaces where event attendees can make a donation to the organization in any amount from $1 to $100. Once a board is filled the organization has raised $5,050 in contributions.

Typically, wishboard supporters will also support other event fundraising opportunities (e.g. silent and live auction). The wishboard amounts are small. Because of this, wishboard support is often given in addition to other contributions.  Wishboards are an easy way to get more revenue from your event with minimal effort from staff and volunteers.



Custom Services & Referrals

Do you have a need that is not mentioned on this page? Please reach out anyway. If we have the skill set and bandwidth to help you, we will. If we don’t, Chad maintains an excellent referral network of top notch, ethical fundraising counsel and other nonprofit consultants across the globe (especially in the areas of strategic planning and donor wealth screening).