Maintain an Idea Bank

What typically happens when we go to conferences?  We hear all of those great ideas. We scribble everything down.  And then we get back to the office and those notes go on a bookshelf.  We just have so much to do on a day-to-day basis that we don’t really have time to digest those notes and put them into action.  Here is my solution …

I would encourage you to still take those notes, but as you’re doing so put a check box next to the actionable things that you think you might want to add to your fundraising someday.  Then when you get back to the office, instead of taking the time to reread all of your notes just pull out these actionable tidbits.  Put them into what I call the Idea Bank.  This is either a physical folder with slips of paper or a digital note taking app (I use Evernote). It is simply a list of ideas that you may want to try at some point.

One of the biggest problems when putting together a fundraising plan is simply not having those new ideas ready to go.  If you maintain an Idea Bank you will also have great ideas ready to go.  Furthermore, you make sure you get the maximum value out of those expensive conferences we all go to (or even from the YouTube videos that we spend time watching).   So, I encourage you set up an Idea Bank and have those great ideas ready to go.