How to Get Donors to Read Your Email Newsletter

We all send emails to our constituents. We all send emails out keep in touch and say “Here’s what’s going on with your support” or “Here’s what we want you to know about us.” But how to we title those emails?

So many organizations, simply title them “e-newsletter from ABC Charity.” That doesn’t excite me. That doesn’t make me want to open it.

What’s the average open rate for a non-profit email? Statistics range from 15 to 25% on average. That means only 15% of your donors actually even open your email, let alone read them. So you have to do something to excite them. You have to make it fun.

So put IMPACT in that subject line. Impact. Impact is what we need in there. So, something like “Because of you, Johnny had a place to sleep last night” or “Without you, this wouldn’t happen.” Or even a little bit of shock and awe or a cliffhanger like “Martha doesn’t have a solution…”

That’s the way we get our emails opened. Can you do a better job of titling your emails?