The Secret to Sending Prompt Thank You Notes

The Secret to Sending Prompt Thank You Notes

When we meet with a donor, prospect or volunteer, especially for the first time, we fundraisers have the best of intention of sending a thoughtful hand-written thank you note. We truly appreciate the gift of time that the individual has given us and we want to sincerely thank them for it.  Plus, we know that most people don’t get many thank you notes, especially hand-written ones, and we know the impact that they have on the recipient.

But what typically happens?  That’s right … life happens.  We go to back to the office and get buried in the flood of emails that piled up while we were away.  Or we head home and go right into dinner prep and homework help.  Even if we add “Write thank you note to Susan” to our to do list, three days often go by before we get to it — and promptness is a big key to success with thank you notes.

So, what’s the solution?  Keep a set of thank you cards and pre-stamped envelopes with you at all times (in your briefcase, car, purse, etc.).  Immediately after a meeting, do not create an electronic reminder to send a follow up note, which inevitably will be postponed so many times as to become late and ultimately obsolete. Instead, at the very moment you think of it, reach in your bag, grab a ready-to-mail card and complete it. The details of your message will be fresh in your mind and it will be effortless.  If you struggle with what to write, here’s my guide to writing three sentence, three minute thank you notes.

One additional tactic that I often use is to pre-address the thank you note while I’m waiting to go into a meeting and lay it on my passengerPicture1 seat.  Then it’s the first thing I see upon returning to my car and it’s easy to quickly rattle it off.  When I get back to the office or home it is immediately dropped in the outgoing mail.

Having a supply of pre-stamped thank you cards with you at all times will make sending your thank you notes much easier — almost effortless.  It will be one less point of stress in your day that will make a big difference with your donors.