Information Overload: A Strategy to Help You Cope (Cal Newport)

Wow … there’s so much news these days.

It’s been coming at us faster than we can consume it since at least March.  And it’s exhausting!

And then there’s all the blogs, videos, articles, virtual summits, etc. about how to pivot our fundraising strategy for the “new normal.”  Who else already hates that term?

How do you stay sane?  How you get what you need and then turn off the spigot?

One of my favorite productivity gurus, Cal Newport, had a great post with an actionable strategy on this a few months back.  I’ve been saving it to share with you all at the right time.  I think that’s now. 

There seems to be a slight information lull right now (normally due to summer vacations, but I think lots of folks are just taking a much needed mental break).  So let’s take advantage and tweak our information consumption so we’re not overwhelmed when the cycle picks back up late next month.  I have this strategy about half implemented and it’s already helping.  Intrigued?  Give it a read …

On Digital Minimalism and Pandemics (Cal Newport)