9 Useful, Proven Strategies to Get the Major Donor Visit (Claire Axelrad)

I hear it all the time from workshop attendees (and clients) … “If I could just get the visit, I’d be fine. I’m good with people. They just won’t meet with me.”

There’s definitely a science and an art to getting donor visits. But as Claire Axelrad points out in this week’s featured article, the first step is to “acknowledge that the hardest part of fundraising is getting the visit.”

That’s definitely true. And sometimes you don’t even have to get the visit for it to be effective. Simply offering an update visit to a donor is sometimes sufficient. They feel important, appreciated and remembered. That’s really our end goal, isn’t it?

Claire goes on to give nine strategies to help with getting donor visits, many of which I have successfully used in the past. So check our her expert article “9 Useful, Proven Strategies to Get the Major Donor Visit.” Happy reading!