TEA: The 3 Pillars of Productivity You Need To Unlock Your Full Potential (Asian Efficiency)

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Or distracted? Or maybe even exhausted?

Chances are one of your three pillars of productivity are out of alignment.  The three pillars, TIME, ENERGY and ATTENTION play critical roles in our ability to get work (and life) done.

The best advice this productivity nerd has ever encountered on how to conquer these three pillars comes from an organization called Asian Efficiency.  They have a collection of resources called the TEA Framework (TEA = Time, Energy & Attention) which provides valuable insight to help you master these important areas.  It’s always a top recommendation of mine when I’m teaching personal productivity skills during a webinar or with a productivity coaching client.

It’s not just about WHAT you do.  It’s about HOW you do it and how you manage your self.

Are you intrigued?  Click here learn more.