Want Your Donor Experience Monitored (for FREE)?

What’s the donor experience like at your organization?

Do you have good stewardship? Do you have speedy gift acknowledgements?

There’s no doubt that it’s in your fundraising plan, but is it actually happening? And how’s that affecting the experience of your donor? Maybe they get a spurt of activity and then hear nothing from you for three months, because you got busy and focused on other things. This is very common, but a lot of times we don’t realize it’s happening because we’re in the weeds. We’re planning that next event, or we’re responding to whatever crisis is going on, and it just gets away from us.

So how do you monitor this? One of my favorite tips is to simply trade time with another fundraiser. Make a small nominal donation to each other’s nonprofit and then you each agree to simply monitor your experience. Record what happens. Do this for three months, six months, even a year and report back. Show the other person what their donor experience is actually like!

We have a simple tracking report template that you can use to monitor your friend’s nonprofit. So, when you get something from their nonprofit you just pull up this free resource, fill in a couple of data points, and put it away until the next contact happens.