What if Your Donors Won’t Meet with You?


Here’s a question I get a lot with regard to donor meetings…

“I understand donor meetings are so important and that I need to be out there talking with my donors, but my donors just won’t meet with me. They ignore my requests. They say they’re too busy. I go through my list again and again, and I hardly ever get any visits. What do I do?”

Well, I say don’t sweat it. The mere fact that you’re inviting your donors to meet with you – that you want to deepen the relationship, hear their story, give them updates – that goes a long way. Start viewing it more as a positive engagement with the donor, not a failed visit request. If you get a visit, that’s great! And that’s still the goal, but don’t feel defeated. Don’t feel like you didn’t do what you’re supposed to do if you don’t actually get in front of them.

Bottom Line….

Just the mere invitation for an update shows your donors that you care. It shows that they’re a part of the process, and they’re not just a dollar sign to you. My message today: don’t sweat it if your donor doesn’t respond to your request for a visit or isn’t willing to meet. You are still making the effort. It still goes a long way. You’re getting donor touch points, and you’re inviting the donors into a deeper relationship.