Donor Relations Guru Library: A Treasure Trove of Fundraising Communication Samples

Okay, so here’s one of my secrets that really shouldn’t be a secret …

The other day one of my clients said “Chad, you have a sample for everything and they’re from all over the place, where do you get them?”

Well, many times I’ve either personally received the piece or a peer has shared some of the great work their organization (or a client) put out into the world.

But sometimes I just don’t have a top notch sample of a certain type of fundraising communication. In that case, where do I look?

That’s easy … I go to the Donor Relations Guru Library. Lynne Wester and her team have assembled one of the finest collections of fundraising communications samples.  It contains literally thousands of top notch examples. And they’re all available for FREE!

The library has samples of …

  • Event collateral
  • Acknowledgment letters
  • Stewardship reports
  • Job descriptions
  • Gift receipts
  • Gift agreements
  • Holiday cards
  • Surveys
  • Solicitations
  • Creative pieces
  • Videos
  • And lots more!

So go check it out, and give Lynne and her team a little love while you’re over there (her email newsletter is great too)!