How to Write 3 Minute Thank You Notes

Today, we’re talking about handwritten thank you notes. We need to do them. We need to thank our donors. If you don’t send handwritten thank you notes, please start doing sp. But I know what you’re thinking, “They take so much time.” But, they don’t have to take so much time if you use the @fundraiserchad 3 Minute / 3 Sentence Thank You Note Formula.

It’s three minutes, we can do that. And it’s only three sentences. The first sentence is, what happened. The second sentence is, the impact of what happened. And the third sentence is, what you appreciate about them. Use that word, “appreciate.” That’s it, it’s that simple. Why don’t we take a look at an example:


That’s it, fundraisers. It’s simple. Do handwritten thank you notes. Your donors will appreciate it, your staff will appreciate it, your family will appreciate it. It makes a big difference. Use the formula. Want a simple reminder?

Give the @fundraiserchad Thank You Note Formula a download, hang it on your bulletin board and make thank you note writing a part of your weekly routine.