How to Manage Your Grants, So They Don’t Manage You

This week’s featured resrouce is our grant calendar template. What’s a grant calendar template you ask? Very simply, this is the tool you use to manage your grant seeking efforts. This is how you make sure you don’t miss a deadline and it lets you see all of your grant activity on one page. It’s incredibly valuable. I never felt like I had grants under control until I started using a tool like this.

So give it a download and fill it in. Take an afternoon and get all your grant information in one spot. Then you only have to review it once a month! It will be very easy to know what application deadlines or grant report deadlines are coming up within the next 30 to 60 days. This will help you organize your time better, because with grants it’s not usually a quick one afternoon deal. We might have to request letters of support or other key things, so having upcoming grants on the radar and having everything in one place is incredibly valuable. Even if you outsource your grant writing, I encourage you to do this. It’s how you manage your freelancer(s). So when you have your check in calls with that person you have something concrete to refer to and review with them. It’s the key management tool.

Give it a download, fill it out, and put it to use in your organization.