Fundraising Toolkits

fundraising toolkits

Our Fundraising Toolkits allow busy nonprofit professionals to fast track the implementation of fundraising best practices.  You don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel … who has time for that?

Each toolkit provides the knowledge, examples and a step by step process for turning fundraising theory into something actionable for your organization.

To accomplish this goal, each tune up is organized as follows:

Step 1 – LEARN

  • You’ll watch a webinar on the topic to learn the best practices in this area of fundraising (in case you didn’t see @fundraiserchad do it live);
  • You’ll review five top notch samples of how other nonprofit organizations have implemented these best practices;
  • You’ll watch a brief video, featuring @fundraiserchad, with bonus tips and potential pitfalls to watch out for;

Step 2 – APPLY

  • You’ll follow a step by step implementation checklist to put these best practices into action for your nonprofit organization;
  • Editable template(s) will be provided to ensure fast progress;


  • As you complete your work, you’ll be presented with a series guides and articles which review higher level strategies and tactics in case you want to refine your work even further (or for next time).

You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a one on one Q&A call with @fundraiserchad (for an additional fee), should you want specific feedback on your work.

All fundraising toolkits are currently priced at $89.  Toolkits are hosted on the Teachable platform for secure credit card processing and reliable 24 hour access.

Current Offerings

Coming Soon …

  • Fundraising Planning Toolkit
  • Board Fundraising Engagement Toolkit
  • Stewardship (Donor Retention) Toolkit