How to Make Things Easier for Your Event Sponsors

How to Make Things Easier for Your Event Sponsors

I know that a lot of us always go back to the same event sponsors. We go back to the same deep wells of generosity. Why? Because it’s easy! They’ve already shown that they’re good and faithful supporters, and we want to renew those contributions. Hopefully we are trying to get new players in the game, but we have a tendency to go back to the same places.

Donor fatigue is real. This is especially true with the big companies that are most likely to be our lead event sponsors. At these companies there is usually just one or two people who’re responsible to meet with all of the charity officials. So, what are we going to do? How are we going to make their life easier?

We need to be become one of their favorites. We need to build the relationship and give them exactly what they need. Don’t be the appointment that inspires thoughts like “Oh, they’re coming in again. What are they going to want this time?” Instead let’s make sure you’re met with excitement. And you do that by making it easy for them.

I recommend you meet with your corporate sponsors just once a year, and at that meeting you outline your plans for the entire year. So, in a way, you present them with a menu of giving opportunities. You outline exactly what your major events are, what you need, and how they can help. This menu has all of the sponsorship options for each of your events listed. Maybe they want a table here, a foursome there, whatever the case may be let them do it all at once. Make it EASY. They can do it all in one payment or they can spread out their payments throughout the year.

Besides an easy and pleasant meeting, what else do our major sponsors want? What are we giving them in return? You should come up with some year round recognition opportunities for them. They don’t just want one day or night of recognition, they want to be able to show that they are a corporate supporter of X, Y, Z non profit. They really want that ongoing engagement and ongoing branding. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but the ongoing throughout-the-year rather than just one night recognition is really powerful with them. So consider that when you’re creating the recognition opportunities on your sponsorship menu.

You know, why don’t you just ask your corporate sponsors if they might like this approach? Right now. Pull up your email and ask your top five sponsors: “We’re thinking about going to a once a year event sponsorship request where we would outline all the opportunities for the year and just meet with you one time. What do you think about that?” I guarantee you you are going to get two or three responses right away that say “Oh, that sounds incredible. I have so many meetings I have to do. We love you guys, but if we could streamline things that would be wonderful.” Guess what? That’s a great way to show some #donorlove. It really shows that you care about what your donors think and you’re trying to make their lives easier. That makes this a true win-win.

Check out our free resource — a Sponsorship Menu Template. It’s a pretty simple item, but it gives you a sense of how to get started and maybe streamline your efforts to create one of your own!

Giving Tuesday: You Have a Decision to Make — Yay or Nay? (NonprofitPRO)

Giving Tuesday: You Have a Decision to Make — Yay or Nay? (NonprofitPRO)

Argghhh, it’s that time of year again: #GivingTuesday.

Long time subscribers will know my view point on this nonprofit “holiday,” so I’ve decided to mix it up a bit this year and let someone else chime in.

So check out this great post from Laurence Pagnoni at NonProfitPRO with another view point and more information on the decision that you need to make …


And if you really want to know, here are some past posts of mine on the topic (their headlines are probably plenty to know where I stand):

Thank You Letter Checklist [free download]

So your year end appeal is written and off to the mail house…You’ve setup some pre-holiday visits with your key donors. Lapsed donor lists are printed and you’re checking the daily. What else can you do to boost fundraising before the end of the year?

Have you read your standard gift acknowledgement letter lately? Is it actually enjoyable to read? Has it been updated in the last six months? Is it donor centric?

Check out this great Thank You Letter Checklist from my pals at Agents of Good and see if your letter is up the task of making your donors feel amazing.


Fundraising Appeal Editable Template [free download]

Need a head start on your next fundraising appeal?

Start with @fundraiserchad’s free editable template. It will show you what goes where and help you remember to include some of the key components to optimized fundraising appeals.


This template is just one of the components of our Fundraising Appeals Toolkit. This toolkit give you the instruction, resources and inspiration to create a fully optimized fundraising appeal for your nonprofit organization (all for just $89 … the ROI is incredible)!

5 Big Reasons Donors Leave (John Haydon)

We’ve all seen the (horrible) donor retention numbers for most nonprofits. Most of us have said “Whew … at least mine isn’t that bad!” But we can all certainly do better.

There are tons of stewardship techniques out there. We all talk about spreading #donorlove. But do we ever really look at the root causes? Why do donors actually leave? Maybe if we tailor our approach to addressing these causes we’ll have more success.

Fundraising guru John Haydon does an excellent job of summarizing the “5 Big Reasons Donors Leave” in this post. And he provides actionable advice to address each of them. Happy reading!


Survey Your Donors to Boost Retention

What’s one of the easiest ways to boost donor retention? That’s simple… survey your donors.

That old fundraising adage “ask your donors for money, you’ll get advice … ask your donors for advise, you’ll get money” is coming into play here.

But don’t make this a big complicated survey. A simple three to five question survey is perfect. No required answers … real simple. Even if they only answer one question it’s a win.

Even if they don’t respond (but they do open it), it can be a win. You took the time to ask for their advise. That is important.

Let them know that you are only surveying current donors because they make your programs happen (they are the heroes!).

It’s one more donor touch point that goes a long way toward proving that you value them as a person, not as a dollar sign.

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